Haytham Safia Qu4rtet - Fresh Moods

Haytham Safia Qu4rtet -Fresh Moods

Haytham Safia Qu4rtet is a unique band. Its members represent many differences: between man and woman, East and West, playing by heart or improvising and playing from sheet music.

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No blues – Kind of no blues

The new double album release of no blues.





Eleven original compositions with a percussion player

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CD_Hela-HelaNo Blues – Hela Hela

Fourth album



CD_No-complicationNo Complication

“On this CD i tried to respect the roots of Music culture while adding a modern flavour. In respect to olive trees: they are old and original but every year again they still produce the best oil and olives.”

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CD_LumenNo blues – Lumen

Third album




Imagination, meditation, power, inspiration, energy, continuation.


CD_Qu4rtetHaytham Safia Qu4rtet – Promises

Original tunes with many musical influences, a very unique instrumental combination, U’d, Oboe, Cello and percussion, which has never been done before.

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CD_Ya-DunyaNo blues – Ya Dunya

Second album of no blues




The music was recorded in two different studios, located in two different countries. Each musician recorded his own part and added his personal musical interpretation and flavor.

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CD_Farewell-ShalabiyeNo blues – Farewell Shalabiye

First album of no blues




Music played with just one instrument: the Ud, in an improvised and meditative mode. The performer uses different scales which convey various moods and atmospheres.

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