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Haytham Safia Qu4rtet


Haytham Safia Qu4rtet is a unique band. Its members represent many differences: between man and woman, East and West, playing by heart or improvising and playing from sheet music, the languages they speak and the Arabic, African and European musical traditions they grew up in.


All these differences melt into one uniting force by their passion for the music, their admiration for each other and their sheer joy in playing together. Attending a concert by Haytham Safia Qu4rtet is feeling what they share, be it in an intimate concert hall or on an exuberant festival stage.

Their first CD “Promises” was well received and is sold out now. They just recorded their second CD, “Fresh Moods”, in a very short time, so as to keep the feeling of a live performance.

Haytham Safia Qu4rtet - Fresh Moods


Haytham Safia
 – U’d & Compositions
Hanneke Ramselaar – Oboe & Arrangement
Osama Mileegi – Percussion
Eva van de Poll – Cello





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